Thursday, 29 September 2011


As a writer you're told to “go where the juice is”. But in blogland, chances are a lot of the people who read your blog know you personally. If your mother and father, three sisters, five brothers, your best friend and her mother, your two-year-old and her friends, your social worker and his boss, your husband and your lover read your blog, there is only so much “juice” you can share without repercussions!

So this is the place where we can talk openly – about sex, love, parenting, our most private thoughts and our untold histories.

We can say what we really think, uncensored and uncut, in the hope that openness might lead to healing for ourselves and for all who read this. 

We believe that through honesty we can find freedom. 

This is our confessional. We come to reflect, to unburden, to share.

And who are we? Well that would be telling! With anonymity comes safety. But we are many. Scattered around the globe.Voices, telling how it really is to be human.

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