Thursday, 27 October 2011

Kreativ Community

Alicia at the blog McCrenshaw recently honored The Honesty Conspiracy by passing along the Kreativ Blogger award. Thanks, Alicia! The rules of accepting this award say that we must:

Share seven things about us. This is a bit tricky since this is a community effort, but we admins got together and came up a few things about ourselves.

Pass the award on to ten deserving bloggers. Should be easy! This will be a great opportunity for us to honor some of the great writers who have supported this effort by sharing it with their communities, and just to link you to some content we think is valuable.

Here goes!

Seven Things About Us:
1. There are currently three admins for the Honesty Conspiracy, all of us women.
2. Between us, we have five beautiful children.
3. None of us is currently living in the same country where we grew up, and all of us are currently on separate continents.
4. All of us have personal blogs, and together the titles include ever letter of the alphabet except for: F, J, K, P, Q, X, and Z.
5. We are two brunettes and a blonde.
6. We have never met in person, or spoken on the phone.
7. We are all lovers of dessert, and could eat chocolate any hour of the day or day of the week.

Looking back, this sort of reads like a riddle, but is not to be taken as an invitation to do detective work ;)

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  1. Thank you all for the Kreativ blogging link! :) Much love...

  2. Does this mean I get to pass it on, too?! :)

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